Products :: RESOLVE RANGE of Cleaning spray cans

Resolve Complete range (Complete range)
Range of Resolve spray consists of : · All purpose water repelling, penetrating spray · Dust Buster DB300 · Label Remover LR350 · Freezer F40 · Conformal Coating · Flux remover Fr200 · ·
Perfect where contamination is a problem · One handed operation · Won't react with solvents such as TCE or alcohol · ESD safe ·
Resolve All purpose water repelling, penetrating spray (RES ALLPUR)
Multi-Purpose Spray · Resolve has various spray in it’s arsenal, the real deal is the “all purpose” (ALLPUR) spray. It works as a versatile industrial performance lubricant spray. It can be used on metals, rubber, wood, glass, painted surfaces and oth...
Resolve Dust buster (RES DB300)
Dry Air in a can, for easy removal of dust from : · Camera lenses, · Keyboards · Electronic devices · connectors · (to name just a few) ·
Resolve Conformal coating (RES CONCO)
Conformal coating · · Conformal coating material is a thin polymeric film which ‘conforms’ to the contours of a printed circuit board to protect the board's components. Typically applied at 25-250 μm[1](micrometers) it is applied to electronic ci...